YOU and ONLY YOU get to Choose YOUR State..

And FROM this State YOU can Create a NEW World for YOURSELF…


Check YOUR State Of Mind..


If NOT….LIFT YOURSELF into YOUR Desired State..

GOLDEN KEY: YOU Imagine a Scene that IMPLIES it is already fulfilled…
BUT…. YOU Must be LOOKING OUT of YOUR very Own Eyes… YOU are looking out of your eyes and seeing a scene that YOU desire to see, after YOUR wish is fulfilled..
FEELING that as Real

IMAGINE a YOU, that YOU desire the World to SEE..

Here is a GIFT to YOU…

Awareness of Being sets YOU Free to what YOU are CHOOSING..

Neville always talked about “Being still, going into the Silence, and KNOW that I AM GOD”…..

YOU are Here to DISCOVER this..

I IMAGINE a World that has awakened to who they really are..

Are YOU Game…..THEN…

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