Manifesting Naturally For YOU & YOUR Pets

Imagination Creates Reality

Manifesting Naturally For YOU & YOUR Pets The 4th Way to Natural Energy

The 4th Way to Natural Energy

Welcome Back!

I am so Happy YOU are Here:

This is the 4th Fundamental to Being in YOUR Natural State:

A Golden Key is the FEELING of NATURALNESS.

As, I have said previously, that FEELING of Natural MUST be defined by YOU, through YOUR sessions..

Exploring, experiencing, and Playing with YOUR Scenes, will bring UP FEELINGS for YOU.

These FEELINGS are Natural for YOU.

When, I wake up, sometimes, IT is directly into a State of Natural Energy, for ME.
I have found ME here in a different state of beingness that is ALL there IS, and is a Natural Energy State..
This is where I plant my seeds of Desire, just by IMAGINING my Desires, individually, in a Scene that IMPLIES it Already IS SO…

MAKE Distinctions about How YOU IMAGINE GOOD & NATURAL already in YOUR Life..

NOTICE How they are Different from What YOU want in YOUR Life..
This Gives YOU some Reference Points to What is Already Natural to YOU..

I would LOVE to know what YOU have DISCOVERED about HOW YOU are Imagining YOUR Scenes.. AND What are YOUR Natural ONES..

What is NATURAL to YOU and What is NOT NATURAL to YOU, yet???

Please leave a comment on What YOU are Discovering about YOURSELF…

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