One of the 1st things I learned from a teacher of Neville Goddard in the beginning of the rest of my NOW being Conscious of What I was Creating Lifestyle, was to Pay ATTENTION or to Be AWARE of; “How I saw, heard and physically felt my Life throughout the Day.”

To just place my awareness or attention on what triggered me throughout the day. Was it something I saw or heard or felt that triggered my attitude, behavior or actions. To just notice this for myself gave me time to attend to me and bring my awareness into the present tense. It was quite interesting to notice these things about myself.

I began to notice how I was triggered either into or out of what I like to call “my good mood”. I started to become aware by playing and discovering ME! I noticed ‘meanings’ that I added to current situations (that were past memories). I noticed ‘my stories’ that I had been telling myself for years and years.

You might be saying to yourself, “What the HELL does this have to do with Manifesting?” and I can truly say, This Awareness of Your Being and Your Triggers are the Basis of ALL you have been Creating.


These lessons of Sessions allowed ME to discover Who I AM and How I HAD been Creating My Life from the get Go! I was the creator of All My Trauma, Drama, Destruction and War and this I discovered just by paying attention to what I listening to. My triggers were mostly from hearing something and then adding shitty meanings to an already old story of Woe. I was very good at that, until I WOKE UP! I paid attention to the Stories I had been telling the world and myself for most of my Life. I Woke the Fuck Up!

The Golden other side of the Coin was that if I could create such HELL on Earth, THEN, I could Create What I Truly Desired, as well. The fact that I could NOW Create HEAVEN on Earth dawned on ME. I could change all my old stories into New Stories and started the Process of Mastering Manifesting.

Just by Noticing your Triggers can be the starting point for YOU to create Your True Desires! By being aware of them gives you the opportunity to just create some space to notice and then IMAGINE What You Truly Desire right then and there. I have seen this simple Awareness CHANGE MY WORLD!


One of My Triggers was hearing a Train go by.

My Reaction was going into a State of Sadness & Loneliness.

My Inner conversations were OLD Stories of Loneliness.

Bringing my Attention with Awareness gave me the opportunity to Create a different Moment in Time and adding New Meaning instead of and old one.

I just simply Imagined Being on a Train Ride on the Pacific Coast. New Memory and Lovely Playtime that creates lovely new Stories.These subtle little nuances Can Change Your World!

What You’re Already Imagining Creates Your World, so What is in Your Imagination, RIGHT NOW?

Notice your Triggers and comment or Post Below and Remember this is Supposed to Be Fun and Playful!!

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