God is in me!

God is in me! He has always been in me and I never knew until I was introduced to Neville Goddard and I have been studying and applying ever since.

There is a definite connection between what is outer and what is inner man, and it is ever our inner states that create our outer life. Woman surrounds herself with the true image of herself. I ask myself all the time, What State Am I In and What Am I Giving Life To? These inner conversations and answers set the stage of my day.

It’s made me whole this knowledge of simplicity.

All I have to ever do is Imagine what I desire in an end scene either in early am before I get out of bed or evening just before I go to sleep, that implies its already done and Feel it for real and then, feel the feelings that come up and it will manifest as long as I dwell in that particular state of mind that was revealed to me in the Imagination.

“Christ, the power and wisdom of God, is in you as your own wonderful eternal being. He will never leave you or forsake you as told us in the 13th chapter of Hebrews. If, perchance, one day you are swept into an unlovely state and go through hell, remember: there is that in you who will not leave you or forsake you; and if you know this principle you can detach yourself from the state and it will vanish, as you move into a more desirable one.” – Neville Goddard

I have fallen in love with Neville as everything he ever said or wrote about was on point. I had never seen or heard such truth that provided such clarity on How to Master Manifesting.

I have doubled my income, had a paid trip to Hawaii as I had Imagined them in my sessions. These have been just the tip of the iceberg of creating my True Desires and am loving the journey.

What do you desire?

Imagine that and it already is so.

How is that for Simplicity on Mastering Manifesting?

Explore this for Yourself and have some Fun with it!

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