Here and right now, I am being a Loving Writer (A State of Mind).

Coming from a Loving Writer State of Mind gives me privy to a totally new frame of reference for me to discover for myself who I wish to be in order to give myself to YOU.

I discovered Neville Goddard a few years back from a coach I had hired to teach me how to Coach.

I fell in love with his teachings and I studied morning, noon and night from his audios, lectures, books and a mentor who teaches his methods quite simply.

My journey began many years ago in my search for peace and understanding of my normal dwelling state of depression and war. Every book I read or group I studied with seemed to me now, was one step closer to the answer I found in Neville Goddard teachings.

It is in my finalist of hours, that I find myself after discovering Neville, that my lifelong journey of discovering who I was and why I was the way I was, was finally done.

He Completed Me as I NOW knew Who I Really Am and Why my Life was in SHIT States.

My Focus for this little Book is for YOU and I to discover together this Favorite State of Mind called YOUR Natural Energy using Neville Goddard Techniques and my lifelong experiences of Discovery.

This book has lots of Discovery and Exercises for YOU to discover this for YOURSELF.

The MOST Important Discovery is For YOU to Discover WHO YOU Really Are..

I have also, added links throughout this Book for YOU to enjoy more FREE Stories from my site that is dedicated specifically to Neville Goddard and my Discovery of him..


ALL that being said…

For me This is where it All begins and ends…..

YOUR Imagination Creates YOUR Reality

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Go and PLAY around and have more FUN than, YOU can NOW Imagine as so…

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