For are DOGS:

As we emBARK on this journey, we must remember some DOGS are “off leash” and others are still tethered…to something. Also, some have long scruffy fur and others have short hair. Knowing this….PAWS and don’t be too “rough” on each other. Finally, Neville says our awareness of self/Being is God…or in essence we are GOD. And “Dog” is simply GOD in a mirror…Have a great WEEK!

A Simple Story I AM Imagined & Fulfilled “I just imagined seeing me simply happy. I kept on trying to see this at the end of the day but I sense sometimes you can just start a different act altogether because it’s fun to change up the context of everything thereby eliminating redundancy and keeps the mind newly active with a variety of imaginings.

After Imagining ‘ME Happy’, the DOGS started barking at the door & it brought a Big Smile to ‘My Face’. They are funny when they desire to eat and sure as shit let me know. I came out of the bedroom on all FOURS & they went ‘Crazy Happy’ with ME. It was FUN & so enjoyable.

‘IMAGINING Writing my Story Day’, that I Desire.” Mary Hils – September 2019.

This WAS a Lovely Memory I shared with my Girls last year around this time. Now, they are both moved on to their new journey and I have found these lovely written memories that I wrote from a state of Loving Writer & Loving Puppy Mama. What a great experience to relive!!

August 2020.

My PET Business is Evolving through merging quite NATURALLY Neville, Pets and I AM. The PLAY going on in this new business model has already ROCKED my World. Been expressing Myself though Podbean Podcasts as PetStylerMary, on Facebook in my Private Group called Meet the Real You, FB Business Pages as PetEx; Pet Sitting Services and LifeStyler, Instagram as petstylermary. My 2 websites are and www.maryhilslifestyler that will be merged into one in the Future.

WHO AM I Now, I am always asking as I AM and Ongoing Emergent as Mr. Twenty Twenty likes to call it. Everyday I get to EXPLORE, DISCOVER and most certainly EXPERIENCE ‘Whom I Wish To Be’ and that is Why we are ALL Here to Discover this for Ourselves.
I AM Now “The Loving Pet Imagineer” PLAY with YOUR Pets through YOUR Imagination and watch what HAPPENS. Notice YOU and Them.

Introduction to a Lovely Show on Instagram and YouTube called Two Comma Coffee Club that I was invited to Share;
Get your coffee on… In the latest episode, we talk with Author, Business Owner and Neville follower, Mary Jeanne Hils, about how she has been at war since birth… Mary discusses how she uses Neville and tools from Twenty Twenty, & how she adapted them in order to change her life. From feeling suicidal to living a life of freedom and helping others by imagining lovingly for them. Two Coffee Comma Club

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