Pet’s Reflect YOU


I talk to them all the time.. Do YOU?

Just waiting for them to answer back..

What are YOU saying to them, really?

Have YOU ever noticed that YOUR State of Mind was reflected in their Behavior??

I SEE this a lot….and notice…

My Inner Conversation, although NOT verbal, Effect my Pets and my clients Pets..

It’s wonderfully exciting to KNOW, that YOU can Change YOUR State of Mind and quite ‘Naturally’ effect their behavior..

What ARE YOUR thoughts or Beliefs on this? Let me know, by commenting or YOU just have questions, below.

Here it is all spelled out for YOU…

WE all GIVE Life & that means YOU, to something all the time…

What that means for YOU is…

YOUR Pets are given life to from the States of mind YOU dwell in mostly…

What does that mean for YOU?

I want YOU to give Notice, throughout YOUR Day, what state YOU are in…
Pay attention to that!

Bring YOUR Awareness into ‘How are my pets behaving, today?”……YOU will Notice the correlation and connect the dots.

Is this what YOU Desire? If, ‘yes’, that’s great.
If, ‘no”, then move into a desired STATE.

Ask YOURSELF, “What do I Desire?” & “Who do I Desire to be?” And…
Embody that person, YOU Choose to be…
Notice from that state, how your pets are…

Please share with me through, comments or questions, what did YOU Notice about YOURSELF, and then YOUR Pets?

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