Pet’s Mimic OUR Behavior

Rose + Cheyanne

Have YOU ever wondered to what degree OUR Pet’s reflect our personalities or moods….
Ponder that for a bit…

I had STRUGGLED with my Dogs Nails for so many years…

Can ANYONE Relate???

I Manifested EASE and EFFORTLESS Cutting my Dog’s Nails…

AND so can YOU..

Notice YOUR state of mind, before YOU cut..
Is it a desirable state or not?

Do NOT CUT, unless it is.. Did YOU Hear me?

YOU Are giving LIFE to whatever State YOU are in…

And YOU are Giving that State to YOUR PET, as well..

All our PETS are sensing beings and YOU do give LIFE to the States they Live in too..

Notice this for YOURSELF..
Pay attention to YOUR State of Mind and their Behavior…

Here’s the thing….I say…

The following is ONE of my ‘Old Shit State’s’
And How I Got out of It…

I had for many years IMAGINED how horrible and stressful cutting their NAILS would be..

And then….I discovered that MY very own IMAGINATION was the Only CAUSE.

NOW, I IMAGINE my girls being so happy and frisky after our sessions…

And Guess What, THEY Are…

IT is Simple AS THAT!

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