I have been GIVING to people through PET care for many years. I REAL-IZED that I’ve already been helping people through their PETS. I’ve been GIFTING all along and NOW realize the complexity and naturalness of doing and BEING this.

GIFTING by Giving through the pets.
I have the GIFT of seeing the whole picture and GAVE Myself to so many in businesses and other projects.

YOU Petting YOUR animals creates SPACE. The EXPERIENCE to create SPACE.

The Cuddling GIFTS to YOU and them and it echoes OUT into the World.

To just PLAY is the way with your PET.

I Teach the OWNERS how to PLAY.

YOU See They teach you and me how to BE.
I was on a CALL within a DREAM DRIVEN DAY course with Mr. Twenty Twenty my TEACHER..

AND Noticed talking about PETS and my business and I talked about HOW PETS are HERE to be OUR TEACHERS..

I felt a tremendous expansion and A stretch to PLAY. Dogs do this with the ball or the bone. Cats do this naturally, too.

My new desire is to really teach owners how to play. Because Animals teach us.

I WANT You to Feel the world through YOUR pets. Love the world through pets. Pets Teach YOU.

Do you feel that? Well Explorer that. PLAY There. They teach us how to behave and how to live.

How’s THAT?

WE are ALL Here to Learn HOW to Play so why not let them TEACH US..

When will YOU Begin to PLAY?
The WORLD needs some MORE PLAYERS, don’t YOU Think??

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