Pet Talks from YOUR Furbabies..

The secrets they have let me see are so incredible and very special. They have let me see such wonderfully beautiful and sad moments in their lives. Some of these moments have filled me with such joy and intense humor because they are all so real and down to earth, quite literally speaking. I have experienced some wonderful beginnings of getting to know, respect, fall in love and endings of them letting me know it’s time for them to go. There have been such tender moments that I have been allowed to experience with as many varieties as there are personalities of all kinds of animals. I have laughed, played, walked, ran and cried with them all. I have been so grateful for the opportunity of caring for all these pets and keep learning from them daily.

We, as all pet lovers, have right in front of us, the truth of all that matters. Our pets are our doorways, if we are willing to see, feel and experience the truth of all our existences. They show us the way to live our lives. They show us in very simple terms, how to just be! They are our little or big mirrors of just living in the moment. They also, show us what is going on in our life, presently, as well. Whatever is going on in their lives is very well going on in ours, too. If they have some kind of issues then, those issues are ours, too. I have found that looking at the lives of our pets are such great indicators of what is happening, right now, in ours and are great opportunities to improve, if improvement is needed.

Did you ever just silently sit and watch them play with such abandonment? It’s the greatest thing to see and you cannot help but smile and want to join in with them. I think, they have it made the most because they just live now in the moment and don’t remember yesterday and don’t think about tomorrow either. They sure know how to live. We can all learn a lot from them if we just take the time to stop, look and listen. Sometimes, I am so drawn to their presence and it must be their ultimate innocence or joy of being alive. They eat, drink and live with such abandonment and are the truest of beings, I believe.
Sometimes, I meet one of these dogs or cats, primarily of my customers, and immediately fall in love with them. I believe they know this, too and other times, it just takes more of an adjustment but, eventually I fall in love with them all. It is a hard road when it is their time to move on but, I have been blessed to see some of them until the end. I can tell just by the look in their eye, that it is time.

All of our pets are here to show us the way. They are so simple and so can we be, if only we took the time. It seems that now, and I mean now, is the time for some tremendous changing within humanity, and all around us are the very simple answers to all our questions, if we just stopped for a moment and looked around us with their eyes for a change and see what they see. They are all truly doorways for all of us to walk through.

Mary Hils has been a professional pet sitter for over 20 years and an owner for over 40 years. I have taken care of animals that are furry, scaled and feathered and have loved every minute of my time with them. I am a member of Pet Sitters Association and to which I have insurance through. I have many Pet-escapades or pet stories to tell you which, some will inspire and some will make you sad and everything in between.

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