POWERPOINTS of PET SITTING are Set-up in YOUR First Contact via PHONE, EMAIL or even TEXT..

The Pet Client Journey explained From the 1st Phone Call to the Scheduled Consultation all the way through to the actual Pet Visits.

Do YOU desire to KNOW what is actually Happening while we are on the FIRST CALL?

Do YOU desire to KNOW what HAPPENS at the Scheduled Consultation?

AND most especially, in this particular case of In-YOUR-Home Pet Care, the Beginning Pet VISITS?

WELL, Give a LISTEN and find OUT for YOURSELF..

ALL we ALL are doing is DISCOVERING some Lovely BONDING..

I get to DISCOVER Your PETS and they get to DISCOVER Me.

I call this, “Dances with Animals”..
There is a DANCE between Us going on HERE.
The Human and Pet BOND is Formed between ALL of US throughout this Pet Client Journey..

Connect More at www.petexct.com where at petstylermary we have some Lovely Sessions and Programs for YOU and I and of course, Your PET..

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