When YOU use YOUR IMAGINATION IN sessions akin to sleep, in a scene or act, that IMPLIES YOUR Desire ALREADY is Fulfilled, it MUST Feel NATURAL to YOU.

In other words, it MUST Be Naturally fitting to YOU.

YOU will KNOW this by How You are FEELING..

Does it FEEL Natural to YOU?

How does it FEEL to YOU?

This is the Secret for YOU to Manifest…

The FEELING will FEEL so FREE and PURE..

YOU get to explore, experience and play right in this Natural Flowing State!!

This is YOUR ‘Natural Energy State’..

Find YOUR Sweet Spot, right there/here..

How do YOU FEEL NATURAL about YOUR Chosen State?

Take something in YOUR Life that YOU Feel Good about and is Already a Natural part of YOUR Life…

Now then, compare that with something that YOU Desire in YOUR Life and don’t yet Feel NATURAL..

For ME, ONE of my Natural Energy Flow State is Loving Puppy MaMa..

This is a Natural Recurring State for me and…

FROM that State comes naturally flowing love,

This to me, is a FOUNDATIONAL Piece to Build on for Manifesting..

Let’s take YOU further…

And get YOUR FREE 4 Fundamental Ways of Natural Energy for Manifesting, just simply, Click Here.

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