We had our very First Meeting for Mastering Manifesting last night (Kathy and I).It was a delight to be discovering and Playing with Neville’s teachings as they are meant to be about having Fun. To discover Who you Really Are is one of the First Steps to this Manifesting Process.

To me, once you embody that you are 100% responsible for everything that has been and is in your life, that this is another beginner step that opens up a new world of discovery to which, your whole world can and will change. Its all dependent upon you and only you. No outside help will arrive or rescue you. Once you venture here, your life will never be the same.

Building the right foundation when you begin bringing your awareness into your life starts with just simply being aware of how your particular mind or ‘out of your mind’ creates your past and current reality. Paying attention to how you add meaning to your old stories and beliefs can start here, just simply by being aware. One of the first lessons I learned was to take time out of your day and just notice, how you see, hear or physically feel something and start adding meaning to a story of yours.

For instance, a young man is walking and sees a couple of lovely ladies standing around and wants to approach them and as he heads over to them, they giggle, and here is where the adding meaning to his story starts and triggers him to turn around and walk away. In this case he heard the girls giggle, went to his old story of woe, by adding the meaning of the girls were laughing at him, NOT with Him. He reacted by walking away and never knowing or even imagining that they were giggling with him and were just simply giggling like young ladies do when someone wants to talk to them.

Why this is so important is in this specific incidence, his trigger or adding meaning, caused a reaction in him to turn and walk away, instead of the possibility that they were just giggling because they were just nervous about meeting him period. We do this all day and everyday to things we see, hear and physically sense and its a great way to discover what yours are in order to bring your awareness into how you are specifically triggered. By noticing this you can create the space between the trigger and the behavior or action, creating in you the opportunity to change your old stories, which will change your world if you so desire.

Once I started spending time noticing and bringing into my awareness my triggers and adding meaning to very old storylines of what I like to call shit states, I then realized how really crazy I was with all the nonsense I was telling myself regularly, thereby creating a life I DID NOT DESIRE, one bit.

This whole week just taking the time out to notice how I was reacting to the world, then gave me the opportunity to GET OUT OF MY MIND, so I could STOP, LOOK, LISTEN & FEEL, and then, Change my Old Stories to New Stories based upon Who I Truly Desired To Be and What I Desired To Have.


Take a chance and spend the week noticing How You are Triggered or Adding Meaning, throughout the Day and What are Your Triggers.

Do you get Triggered Visually, Hearing or by a Physical Sensation? I would LOVE to Hear Your Feedback through the Comments.

What did you Notice, please tell?

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