Manifesting Naturally For YOU & YOUR Pets

Imagination Creates Reality

Pet Manifesting

Hello Everyone, I am Mary Hils from PetEx pet sitting services at I have been a provider of all sorts of pet care for over 20 years. I recently added daycare and boarding but most importantly I have created a new service of a ‘Loving Pet Imagineer’.

What I do is provide a Natural Way for owners and pets to be perfectly FIT together. Been implementing this program for years internally but now and bringing it out into the World.

Just had another WIN with another Pet Sitter and her pet client. She couldn’t walk the dog as she was full of anxiety, I asked her what she wanted? and Now she is walking the dog quite lovingly.

What YOU are Imagining about YOUR Pet CREATES.
Being AWARE of What State of Mind you are will be a Reflection in your Pet.

AND this is How YOU Manifest with PETS…

I had a Boarder DOG named MACEY here for ONE Week.

Macey was here with me for a week as a Boarder and NOW she has been picked up and I had some sadness briefly about her leaving.
I NOTICED and Realized.. To Just STOP and SIT with the sadness for a bit. After I noticed how I was feeling and SAT with it I realized I will see her again.
Some HAPPY CHEMICALS came UP – – Dopamine (positive anticipation) and Oxytocin (Feeling connected and Belonging) and THEN..
I Got to wondering what wonderful things are going to show up NOW.. The positive anticipation WAS off the charts AND I IMAGINED Wow what’s NEXT..
It’s SO Exciting after finishing up the second round of Dream Driven Day from Mr. Twenty Twenty and Macey going back home and this EVENT OPENED the Door of SPACE to all sorts of lovely possibilities and opportunities and for me to be more Substantial and Significant.
AND That is HOW I PLAY around with My very OWN IMAGINATION..

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