Manifesting Naturally For YOU & YOUR Pets

Imagination Creates Reality

Pets and Neville Goddard, Naturally

Another Neville and I MOMENT with THE PETS…


DOG will NOT come back INSIDE….

It’s a NOVEL Idea instead to ASK YourSelf, ‘What’s the Solution?’ and NOT get into the “How To’ for me.

My Current Pet Business I have had to Redefine through this LOOGIE thing and NOW, my Neville Experiences of “What DO I Desire?’..

After this Recent DOG ATTACK, another Shit Show Showed Up, but also, another opportunity FOR ME to Discover “Whom Do I Wish To BE?”
I just DISCOVERED Today, after Realizing that I had FORGOTTEN the Reason I go into PetCare, as I had been FOCUSED on the money and REMEMBERED what it means to BE a Loving Pet Sitter and MaMa..
I KNOW this is a Long ONE, but…
The FLOATING and FLIRTING I did, with these NEW Pet Clients’ is worth the WAIT..

Client TOLD me to just LET OUT their 2 DOG’S into a Yard that wasn’t Totally Fenced IN… AND I did and should have known better..
One was NOT Happy with me being there and I really Noticed her nervousness and then realized that I was going to have a HARD Time getting her back into the HOUSE…I SAT outside and contemplated how Stupid I was and then, asked, “What is the Solution?’ Heard quite distinctly, IMAGINE her walking up the stairs and into the House, stupid…lol.
A few minutes later of course, SHE DID..

My PET SITTING and CARETAKING Experience KICKED IN and I began to Explore with Her, What and Why I was there and of course, playing around with my Imaginal Acts so I could care for her properly. She came and sat by me and allowed me to put a leash on her which I know allows me to Handle Her. I gave her her meds and took outside and she was AMAZING..
We FORMED a New Bond and the same for the other furbaby who just watched and learned together.
A DIFFERENT Experience than I ever had in my over 21 years in this business.

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