Do you know whats in your Imagination?

Pay attention and it will for sure shock the shit out of you.

It can be heaven or hell or anything in between, but for sure, reveals what your are currently imagining, right now.

I have been checking mine for a little while and it has been a ride and sometimes all my true desires are being fulfilled and other times a revision of what I had been imagining needs to be done. It is necessary because what I had been imagining IS NOT lining up with my true desires. Revision is a tool I like to use to change an old storyline from my past. It changes your future events when you get to feeling for real in your Imagination.

Does this make any sense?

All I now know is that I am and always have been 100% responsible for All that has ever happened to me and will happen as I have become more aware of Who I Really Am.

Just saying this for me now as it reiterates what I already know for a fact.

There are many ‘many states of consciousness’ that we give life to and we live from these many mansion rooms. We can live from poverty, wealth, unhealthy, healthy, happy, sad, at war or in peace. There are infinite states that are attitudes of the mind and we get to choose which ones to give life to.

Awareness of our inner conversations and knowing Who you Really are are lovely keys to your golden kingdom.

We create, sustain or destroy what we are imagining and being aware of which ones we are choosing which can and will change your life to your Wishes Fulfilled.

Do you even KNOW what your Wishes are?

There are so many questions to ask yourself, only if you are willing to play and have some fun with Your self.

This can be very easy or very hard depending upon YOU and your Imagination and the states that you choose to give life to and still in all of this choose to make it fun and easy and then, you can experience the adventures of a Lifetime.

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