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Imagination Creates Reality

I Remember When

“Having nothing, you can become aware of being surrounded by wealth, and feeling wealthy you can say: ‘I remember when I had nothing.” Does that statement not imply that the state of poverty no longer exists for you? I remember when I was unknown. I remember when I couldn’t sell a book. I remember when I couldn’t sell anything I wrote. I remember when.

Now you fill in the events, the desires and the fulfillments.
I remember when. Do not those words imply memory?”

“You must have a frame of reference by which you can detect movement. Memory is such a frame. Perhaps your friends remember you as poor and unknown. You can move by assuming you have changed so much that they no longer recognize you, and from that frame of reference you can observe the expression on their faces.”– Neville Goddard

YOU can put YOURSELF in the I-Remember-when-Mood and Trust Your Memory.

We can use a weak and sick woman as a fixed reference and looking into our mind see a strong and healthy woman and say: “I Remember When she was weak and sick, but look at her NOW.

And Finally, look at yourself and dare to see YOURSELF radiantly healthy and happy, and say this to YOURSELF, “I Remember When I saw a different Reflection”.

Play around with this one as it is another method of playing with YOURSELF, and oh, how much FUN that can be!..

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