In Harmony with Concept of Self, As I near my 60th Birthday on May 1st and Imagining the best day and month ever and then some.
My concept of Self had been quite unlovely and thereby explained all of my created world.

My whole life had been made of HARD and so it was until Neville. I kept Imagining easy and effortless and nailing it and good day method.
Oh, but what fun its been these last several months exploring, experiencing and discovering ME and who and what I wish to BE.

I had never remembered how to PLAY as I loved to work for my money from very young.
I imagined lovely playing as a new desire to give life to and now I am exploring that on so many new levels, now.

I actually took the whole day off for my Birthday and Imagined being around friends and most importantly Being Loving Mary. That’s monumental for me because my concept of Self was quite unlovely and most especially around my Birthday. I feel so different NOW and it’s delightfully delicious.


Love you all!!

Been Imagining and playing with all kinds of desires and am having the adventure of playtime in my playing field of life, now. I have really discovered the true meaning of there is ONLY ONE CAUSE and that is ME. All that I have learned here has seemed to all culminated NOW into easily and effortless playtime and I am in LOVE with it.

I am really Knowing daily more and more Who I Really Am and am Owning IT. Thanks for all the help from all the Lovies in this group that I Am a huge part of and most especially TT.
It was one of the Best Birthdays ever and so it was what I Imagined it to Be.
It is as simple and easy as that.

Come JOIN us in Imagining the Best Life ever for each and everyone of YOU. Give life to your desires and we can show you How.

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