Hi, I’m coming to talk about a State of Mind of Health.
There are three aspects, I think. There’s mental, physical and spiritual, and depending on which one you’re referring to, they’re all choices that we make on a daily basis.

As some of you know, one of the states that I lived in majority of my life was a state of depression.
It wasn’t until I came across Neville Goddard that I realized that it was my choice, and that I did have other choices.

And once I started playing around with that and exploring that I could feel good daily, and weekly, and monthly, and that it was my choice and up to me, only.

You can play with this one in the morning just before you get out of bed, imagine you are in bed and at the end of the day looking back over the day and you notice how wonderful a day it was, and just FEEL that.

I just want to finish that last one.

You can move right from a state of depression into a state of just feeling good. I had to simplify when I started this, and just feeling good was a beautiful method and all you have to do …

Do this either just before you get out of bed or even just before you go to sleep, and imagine yourself feeling good, period. Nothing connected to it. You just wake up and you just feel good. I’ve done this in the morning and then what I’ve done was I’ve imagined myself at the end of the day going, this is the greatest day I ever had, and it’s like a … It’s magical.

So check that out for yourself.
Remember to do this when you’re in a sleepy state and then imagine feeling great.

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