For me Dogs are here to Teach us How to Live Life as I AM a Dog Owner.

As a Pet Care Provider and Pet Sitter ALL animals are our Teachers.

I have recently read some articles on the inevitable part of life called Death and have been through much more than my normal share because I have taken care of 100’s of pets these last 20 years as a Pet Sitter & Pet Care Provider.
Being there with my own as well as others sure brings a whole other light to the matter of Death. I have experienced and felt the excruciating pain of many pets and their owners and can only be there with them as they choose what’s best for them and their pet. I also have opinions and points of view that I keep to myself as it’s not my place. I do know this though, when your pets are in my care I pay special attention to their health and wellbeing as that is part of my job and notice many nuances and I have to bite my tongue all the while giving your pet all the best loving care that I can provide under the circumstances. I have many times in my notes expressed my concerns in close observance to your feelings and as my client. Sometimes it is not a very nice to place to be considering some pets are in a lot of pain and their quality of life is full of that and there is nothing I can do about it except mention it and be very careful and tender with them while they are in my care. That is all I can do.

After studying Neville Goddard these past few years I now approach it differently and only IMAGINE Naturally Healthy as I have done recently with my own and have seen the miraculous health of my own as a result. I have chosen to put that all behind me and Imagined differently as I noted above and now concentrate on Loving Life and give Myself to that.

I have always contemplated the short span of their life’s and just read an article on the experience of a little boy who was part of the process of Death in his home for his Dog. As usual children seem at that age to just experience and explore the status quo and with their ‘shield of innocence’ explain the most basic things to us with total acceptance. I wrote this statement slightly modified to fit my story here and now, but he owned and said after the pet was ‘put to sleep’ and he explained why dogs live shorter life’s; “well, as dogs have already been born knowing how to do all this, they don’t have to stay as long as we do. ”In short, they already KNOW what their purpose is and they do not need to be around that long as they are already born knowing this.


* when your loved ones come home, always STOP what YOU are doing & say hello;
* never pass an opportunity to go for a walk or even just to stretch and get outside;
* experience fresh air and wind, especially the in YOUR Face kind;
* RUN, JUMP, PLAY and have FUN every day;
* Improve your Relationships and let people and pets touch & lick you;
* Try to not ” bite ” anyone’s head off and try a ” growl ” and it could be an inner one;
* And on the hot days, just go lie or walk barefoot on the grass.
And please Remember : ” when someone has had a bad day, stay silent, sit close to them and slowly make them feel like you’re there… and/or revise the whole conversation (in your head) to hear a more desirable one for both you and them. It will lift them and you up out of the old story of woe. Just saying a little Neville Goddard here.
This is the secret of happiness that dogs teach us every day and there is so much more. All My LOVE.

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