Of all the methods used for changing your future, past or present, I have found Hearing “Congratulatory Conversations” to create the most easily and effortless Desired Results and is the Fastest for Manifesting.

Through Discovering Myself through different Neville Goddard techniques, I have found that my most prevalent Triggers for moving in and out of States, is HEARING.

That Being Said, I have played around with this method and have had the most easy and incredible WINS..

My Friend was looking for a JOB for about 6 months so, I Imagined her calling me up and telling me of her NEW Job with Great Pay.

She called me about a week later, and got a NEW Job. And she called me a week later to tell me she was getting more money than she had thought.

It was exactly HOW I had Imagined OUR “Congratulatory Conversation”. IMAGINE THAT!!!

I had another Client who had been Missing her Cat for about 6 months. I got off the phone and Imagined her calling me and telling me her Cat was

She called 2 days later and someone found her cat and returned it to her. She sent me pictures of the return and the cat and she was so happy along with her daughter.

I have the most, what I like to call WINS with this method and found it to be, MY NATURAL STATE, for me to IMAGINE UP My True Desires.

YOU Should Play around with ALL the Methods and Discover which one FITS YOU Naturally.

Like I said before, this is ALL about Discovering Who YOU Are..

Go and PLAY around and have more FUN than, YOU can NOW Imagine as so…

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