Cheyanne is one of my Pugs,
Since I was introduced to Neville Goddard a few years back, I noticed my dogs more than I ever did before.
Perhaps because I was so busy chasing after money so
I can take care of them better that I totally missed the boat. I mention this because most of you will relate this
to a child.
For me, I know pets better than humans and am OK with
this. This has been better for me and I am alright with that.
Cheyanne is just watching and waiting for me. She’s just wide awake and staring at me., like she knows something. Maybe like people they also, come into and out of our life’s to take us places within our very own Selves and teach us who we are or even who we can be if we so desire to be. Just to watch them as I never did before because I was so busy trying to make more money so I could take better care of them has really been an eye opener for me. I suppose having or raising children is the same point of reference too. And you can miss those precious moments of life by keeping busy because most of us have forgotten why we are here or who we are.
I am so glad to have had these moments out of time with my girls to just simply be with them or really with myself that’s with them. It’s a whole new different perspective & a new reference for a new life, if you so desire.

I wrote this in my Journal where I go back and find the Gold that is defining me moment by moment out of Time.
It gives me great pleasure not only to write but, to be able to go back and re-read these words that I had written and feel those words as alive and I can actually fall back into the storyline and really get to experience them all over again. I mostly go back to inspire myself as some days I had lost myself and from my very own words, I get to come alive over and over again, by my very own words that I had given a life to. That’s how I get to Discover myself through experiencing my words over and over again and what a ride it has been these last several years since I discovered Neville Goddard and thereby discovered MY Very Own Self along with my wonderful relationships with my own Pets as well as my Client’s.

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