The most important Discovery YOU will ever make is YOURSELF…

That Being Said;

YOUR Awareness of Being…is GOD.
“BE still and KNOW that I AM God” means YOU…

Ponder and Explore this for YOUR very SELF..

This 1st Fundamental Way must be Discovered by and for YOU..

To me, it is a Foundational Piece because without this KNOWING, YOU can’t Change YOUR LIFE…

YOU own and embody this State of MIND and YOUR World will CHANGE..

I beat around the bush with this particular Concept of SELF and Made it HARD for Myself..

This ‘Hard’ State was an ‘old home’ state of mine…which ‘I’ made everything harder for MYSELF…

There are 3 more Fundamental Ways to YOUR Natural Energy State;

The 2ND Fundamental Way is to GET Really Clear on YOUR DESIRE.

There are a few questions to ask YOURSELF that will give YOU Clarity or YOUR WHY..

What do I truly desire right now?
Why do I desire this specifically?

Play HERE and YOU will Discover more and more of Who YOU Really Are..

The 3RD Fundamental Way is using YOUR IMAGINATION to create a Scene in a state akin to sleep, that already Implies the fulfillment of YOUR Desire.

In a before YOU go to sleep State, IMAGINE a SCENE for YOUR particular DESIRE..

MAKE sure YOU are CLEAR on what that is for YOU..(this will be discussed in another post for YOU, later)

The SCENE has to IMPLY it is already a
Done Deal..

What would NATURALLY occur, after YOUR Desires FULFILLMENT..
How would YOU Be FEELING…
What are YOUR Family and Friends saying about YOU…NOTICE and EXPLORE that..

If YOU Love what YOU are Hearing, click below for the 4TH FUNDAMENTAL Way: