Neville Goddard and I

Hey it’s great to be back here with you all sharing stories of who we really are.

This past year has been the adventure of lifetime as I sure lived it like being in Hell.

I lost my 2 Pug Sisters that were what I liked to call “Lifesavers” and survived a Heart Attack.

Without them I had to discover MySelf for Real this time, and in the middle of the CO-VID Shit Show.

I began to wake back up after the Heart Attack and kept going back to Neville Goddard Teachings and Mr. Twenty Twenty whom is A Teacher.
I just recently started to write, one of my most favorite things to do and be, and then rereading what I wrote on discovering Neville Goddard.

So, here is my One and ONLY thought and I Quote Neville Goddard from his book, “The Law and the Promise, chapter 10;
“All imaginative men and women are forever casting forth enchantments, and all passive men and women, who have no powerful imaginative lives, are continually passing under the spell of their power.”

When YOU get to discover, experience, explore and even PLAY around with “Your’ IMAGINATION and really OWN “Who YOU Really Are’ then and only then will YOUR Whole Life Change. YOU get to make it as EASY or HARD as YOU want it to, too. It’s ALL-Ways been Up To YOU. Play with this.

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I am a Personal Lifestyle Consultant for ALL who want to create What and Who They Truly Desire through Mastering Manifesting.
You are the Masterful Creator of your own life.

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